Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Springtime in Seymour

It just does not seem right that as I write this I look at snow falling outside my window. Some things just don't make sense. Yesterday was the second interview Elizabeth and I have had concerning the planned adoption of a child from Ethiopia. In this interview we were asked to describe our current practice of disciplining our children. Any of you that have heard me speak about this before know that Elizabeth and I spank our children. Mind you, I did not say beat, I said spank. This spanking only occurs after a clear act of disobedience and is always done in a loving and formative way. The interesting thing yesterday was that this did not seem to be the answer they were looking for in the interview. At the conclusion of the interview, our case worker told us she would try to word our method of discipline a little different because the state of TN will not approve anyone for adoption that spanks their children. Way to be on the cutting edge state of TN. Like snow in April, some things just don't make sense.