Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Love Discipleship CLass

Well, we're winding up our study in chapter 10 with the very pointed question of "What in the world does this mean for me?". I think it's unanimous that going through this book together has challenged us in areas of our lives that will and has drawn us closer to our Creator... our Savior. It's helped us to realize that the word of God, the Bible is living and continually revealing Gods will and His working in our lives. God truly loves his children and has more in store for us than we could ever imagine, as long as we let the Creator to continue to be creative in us. It becomes so easy to just muddle through life and really not have to live by faith in God, which He has equipped us to do. If we aren't very careful, our faith will tend to be more in our jobs, our bank account, our retirement, our insurance policies our relationships and so on. We'll find ourselves only calling on and relying on God when we have exhausted all other resources. Trusting in God alone can sometimes be very scary, believe me, I know and more importantly, God knows. That's a huge part of why God sent the Comforter... the Counselor... the Holy Spirit. God knows that left in and of ourselves, we would fail to trust Him but the Holy Spirit is continually at work in us and longs to lead us toward Gods will, if we would but heed His call. After all, it is all believers who make up the body of Christ... the church, and He is the head. The question we have to ask is, "What part am I?" and "Is that part hindered or helped by me?". If I am a part of the arm, how is the arm doing? Is the arm, or at least my part of the arm, listening to and obeying the commands of the head? It is prudent for us to remember that, as believers go, so goes the church. In other words, how we as believers live out our lives is a small picture of the life of the church. If we're not happy with the direction the church of today is going, maybe we need to look at the direction we are going. Does my faith... my obedience... my life, look anything like that of the believers of the early church?
The bottom line or the crux of the matter is, God will accomplish his plan. The question is, will we be obedient to follow along the way, or will we be in the way? How will we answer the King when He asks us what we did with what He gave us? The answer to that question... is eternal.
May we ever remember and never forget the magnificent, undeserving, life saving, truly unfathomable, crazy love the Lord Jesus Christ has for us.


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