Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy Love Discipleship Class

In Chapter 7 we learned about the sacrifice of this life for the rewards of the next. We come to the realization that we aren't living forever after we die, we're living forever now. We'll have that twinkling of an eye moment when death comes to our door, then go right on living. But, oh how different living will be then. We learned of the silliness of putting so much infuses on money and stuff in the short time we have on this side of eternity. In fact, we should live this life with abandon for the sake of the Kingdom of Christ. All too often we are content with just playing it safe and blending in. Jesus never would have been accused of blending in, more likely, a radical. His walk matched His talk and His motivation was love. John must have been thinking of Jesus' example when he wrote in the 3rd chapter of his first epistle "Little children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth". True love requires sacrifice and NO ONE portrayed that more than our Savior. Jesus gave of Himself, in fact, He spent Himself for others as an example for us to follow. We must learn to love and give as Christ did, to the extent that it's a natural response, so that just looking out for me and mine becomes unattractive.
God has given to us and invested in us that we might give to and invest in others. It gains us no reward to spend on ourselves, but we will be truly blessed when we spend ourselves on others. Why? Because this world is not our home and will never compare to the best life, which is to come.


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Debbie M said...

Amen! I can't be in the class, but these words are a great reminder. Thanks!