Friday, November 13, 2009

Crazy Love Discipleship Class

In chapter 8 we discussed those who are obsessed and questioned if that would be a description of us. What Comes to mind when you think of the word obsessed. I think of someone who is so fixated on something that they are totally oblivious to everything else. I think we can all agree that in most cases being obsessed is not a good thing. But what about being obsessed with Jesus? That brings up the question of being so Heavenly minded that you are no Earthly good. I'm not sure that's even a legitimate question. If we are obsessed with Jesus, it's not possible to be totally oblivious to everything else. At least in the sense that we don't care for others, because that's exactly what Jesus would want us to do, care for others. But it does mean that there is absolutely nothing else that matters more than Jesus. Being totally attuned to Him, His word and His will. I am ashamed to admit, that doesn't describe me near enough. Many days I fall far short of that. But when you think about it, what else matters more?... Ever?... Our comfort? Our bank account? Our home? Our safety?... Our Pride? Many times these things get in the way of the rich blessings the Father wishes to bestow on us, but they are never acceptable, nor are they sufficient. Holding back from our Saviour only robs us of our joy, true joy that is. Far too often our joy is dictated by the ebb and flow of life's circumstances. We must choose joy and then work for it, even in (or, especially in) the difficult and sometimes painful circumstances of life. I think of Paul and Silas singing and praising Jesus, even while they where chained and imprisoned in a cold dark cell. Why would they do that? They knew then what we need to know now, true joy is formed in the midst of trials. That's when we come the closest to, and the most intimate with Jesus who suffered much for you and me. He goes to bat for us before the Father every time we fail? He is our advocate, He spent Himself for us that we might have eternity with Him, suffer free.
No, I think the answer is that we can't be too Heavenly minded. In fact, we should be obsessed with it, holding nothing back. All our comfort, our money, our safety and our pride should be at His disposal... Spend it all!!!


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